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Working in the corporate world and  feeling like there is more in life than:

  • 'just' doing your job,
  • waiting for the weekend,
  • feeling like holidays are always too short?,
  • Counting the years you still need to work...

Here's the plan...

Been there too. Asked myself many questions.

Went through rollercoasters, struggles, and doubts.

But I did jump!

And that is exactly why I created

the Corporate Coaching Program for you: 

'Breaking Free!'

For Corporate workers curious about 'what else is out there' with a bubbly feeling to change - but also with fears to overcome.

Breaking Free =

Your 12 weeks' journey into different, into figuring out and doing what you really love, into jumping.


Next Program start:

Spring: April 30th

Fall: September 17th

Intakes open.

Here's what you can do.

Don't sit with your thoughts without action any longer.

Let's talk dreams!

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