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Are you an entrepreneur?

Ready to do things different?

 Looking to level up? 


HA! Welcome to my passion.

I LOVE helping Freedomseekers step away from their (corporate) job and power up their (new/current) business -  as I walked the same path a few years ago.

 Want to know how I help?

My mission is to guide you out of your comfort zone, and get you, and your business to the Next Level. 

I help in defining/launching your online offer, stepping away from part time entrepreneur into full time, and/or upgrading your current company.

Why do I do this? 

I've been there too...

I missed having a 1-1 mentor, sparring partner, and coach when I decided to quit my job, launch my business, and struggled over MANY obstacles, overcame barriers, and was fighting my fears. I did invest 15.000 euro in myself - through Coaching Programs - but none of them were 1-1. 

That's what I missed, so that's why I offer 1-1 coaching.

Which option is best for you?

The Power Up Program (14 weeks)
The Coaching on the Road(trip) (2 weeks)
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Power Up Your Business Program

Ready to prioritize and focus more so you can become a stronger CEO of your Business?

The Power Up Your Business Program is your 1-1 private coaching journey to stop procrastinating, get clarity, and get you and your business where you want it to be. 

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Coaching on the Road(trip) *new*

Feels like combining both travel and business together is your way to go?

The Coaching Road(trip) is the best of both worlds.

You go on a 2-weeks adventure travelling in my house on wheels.

The program consist of 2 weeks:

Every day from 10-12h it's coaching time where I coach you - based on your needs - on your next steps, your plan, your priorities.

In the afternoon you can reflect and build upon the morning thoughts.

During those 2 focused weeks you'll level up BIG time and experience a wonderful time.


Before and after we can enjoy the sunrise, sunset, hike, chill, enjoy life.

After 2 weeks you come back home feeling energized AND ready to rock your business world.

 Coaching on the Road(trip):

Summer: July 1-14th '24

Fall: Sep 23rd - Oct 6th '24

Want to be the one?

Book your intake April 2nd till May 30th '24.



Book your free(dom) intake

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